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The secret is Here, Make it Yours
August 03, 2004


<>, The secret is Here, Make it Yours

Date July 20, 2004 Issue #001

Written by Enestle Zimba
Founding Editor, Africa's Best Kept Secret E-zine
(c) copyright 2004 Zambia is African Safari (ZAS)


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============ TABLE OF CONTENTS ============

1) Just My Thoughts

2) Today's Featured Site

3) Web Marketing For Safari Business

4) Safari Business Potential

5) Resource Center


1) Just My Thoughts

Zambia, the Recent History

The territory of Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, was
administered by the British South African Company (BSC)
from 1891 until Britain took over in 1923. During the
1920s and 1930s, advances in mining spurred development
and immigration. Upon independence in 1964 the name was
changed to Zambia after the mighty Zambezi River.

In the 1980s and 1990s, declining copper prices hurt
The economy. Zambia, now a parliamentary democracy,
had a one party system of government. The elections
in 1991 brought an end to one-party rule. Zambia

adopted liberal free-market policies. The government
embarked on an economic reform program which abolished
foreign exchange controls, passed new investment laws,
set up a stock exchange.

It's privatization program was "dubbed" by the
World Bank as the best on the African continent.
It was done so fast your head could spin. Just
think of it. The privatization programme in the UK
has been on going in the last 100 years and still
continues to date

And here lies the birth of Zambia's current economic
malaise. The "quickie" privatization did not work as
well as expected. It was done a little too fast.

But then this is Africa! With just a few US dollars
you are a millionaire in local currency. Your visit
will be very pleasant as a result.


2) Today's Featured Site

Zambia is the land of the legendary African walking
safari, earth's biggest waterfall, the wild Zambezi
River, breath-taking lakes and wetlands, profusion
of birds, abundant wildlife, and raw, pulsating
wilderness, ...all in one friendly country.

Zambia's tourism has not been sufficiently exposed.
Partly due to the past lukewarm promotion by the
government and the private sector alike. However, this
is now different. More and more investors are coming
into the country to set up business in safari and tour

The case in point is the new world class Sun
International Resort comprising of two hotels; The Royal
Livingstone a five star hotel and the 3 star Zambezi
Sun both only opened in 2001. They 'sit' next to the
"out of this world wonder," the amazing Victoria Falls.

You might have heard that the Victoria Falls is not in
Zambia. Some people think it is in South Africa or in
Zimbabwe. The truth is the Victoria Falls is at the
Zambia-Zimbabwe boundary and the best view (as
many a tourist have testified after visiting) is from
the Zambian side.

What with the current lower numbers, visiting is
unspoiled and as such very pleasant indeed.

Zambia is now experiencing a large boost of
international visitors and this is already showing.
The tourism potential is now being harnessed and more
activities are focused in the hospitality business.

What brings about all this change is the realization
that Zambia's amazing endowment in natural wonders of
fauna and flora is fascinating and unique. In addition
the natural heritage of the beautiful terrain is
enhanced by the wonderful weather nearly the whole
year round. Being in the tropics Zambia's weather is
the envy of most African countries.


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4) Safari Business Potential

Zambia is home to the Victoria Falls! The UK 2004 Trends
and Spends Survey has awarded Zambia the No 10 ranking
in the "best long-haul destinations" while the Tourism
Exhibition INDABA has named her the "Best Southern African
Country." This is the result of the effort the Zambian
government has placed on tourism. Currently the
government is reviewing the Investment Act of 1994 to make
it easier for the investor.

The discerning investor has taken recognizance of this.
The effect is Livingstone (12 kilomoters away from the
Victoria Falls) has become the investment destination for
safari business. And the target? The World Cup 2010 in
South Africa and the huge investment potential that exist
in Zambia, the paradise of peace in Africa.
For more details on investment opportunities visit the
Zambia Investment Centre at


5) Resource Center

The warmest of warm African welcome invites you!
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Written by Enestle Zimba
Founding Editor, Africa's Best Kept Secret E-zine
(c) copyright 2004 Zambia is African Safari (ZAS)
73 Eucalyptus Avenue, Luanshya,
Zambia 10101


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