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Zambia Safari the Carnival “Train”
August 25, 2005


Zambia Safari the Carnival “Train”

August 24, 2005 Issue #001
Written by Enestle Zimba,
Founding Editor
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African


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================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================

o Africa’s Best Kept Secret

-- o Just My Thoughts

-- o Resource Centre

-- o Free Trials


o Why is Zambia safari...Africa’s best kept secret?
Because it is...

...Zambia Safari the Carnival “Train”

The Carnival is the ultimate, the finale of the campaign
“Visit Zambia 2005.” But again it’s the beginning of the
more exciting times for Zambia safari.

What will happen?

An estimated 40,000 international visitors and safari
enthusiasts will arrive in Livingstone, Zambia in
November 2005. They will be here to commemorate a number
of centenaries and the sighting of the Victoria Falls.
Some centennial celebrations have already taken place.
These are:

1 – The Livingstone City was established in April 1905.

2 - The Victoria Falls Bridge was completed in April and
commissioned in September 1905.

3 - The Seventh Day Adventist church was established in
Zambia in April of 1905.

4 - The Jesuit Fathers of the Catholic Church arrived in
Zambia and established two missionaries at Chikuni
(in Monze) and Kasisi (in Lusaka)in August of 1905.

And others to take place are:

5 - The 100th birthday for the late Secretary General of
the United Nations, Dag Hammerskjeold, who died in a
plane crash at Ndola, Zambia on September 18, 1961.

6 - and the 150 years since Dr David Livingstone
discovered the Victoria Falls.

Wow... that’s quite a few centennials!

The Livingstone Events Organisation (LEO) has set up
activities that will culminate into the grand finale of
the “Visit Zambia 2005” campaign on November 16, the
day Dr Livingstone sighted the world wonder, the
Victoria Falls, 150 years ago!

Zambia is taking a keen interest in this event. And so
the world has been invited to come and celebrate with
Zambians. There will be special visitors too who will
include the grand children and the great-grand children
of Dr Livingstone. Now that’s a lot of ‘grands’ the
“Visit Zambia 2005” campaign will take on board.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUST MY THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You can’t stop me. I’ve to build a hotel resort, in fact
a ‘combo’ of two hotels, the very best hotels in this
part of the world,” said the investor.

“Yes I can,” the man from the National Heritage
Conservation Commission (NHCC) said, “if you decide to
deface this heritage site.”

But, this conversation did not take place. It is only a
reconstruction of the general discussion the Sun
International and NHCC must have had. This is immediately
after Sun International had won the bid to build two
hotels at the Victoria Falls.

You see, the very two sites where two hotels stand
today had other two hotels, namely “Mosi-Oa-Tunya
Intercontinental” and “Rainbow Lodge.” Like a juggler’s
trick, two old hotels vanish and two brand new hotels
appear in their places.

The Sun Hotel Resort is the new face of the Victoria Falls!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RESOURCES CENTRE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FREE TRIALS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Now let’s get on the safari in Zambia...

And keep on going on :-)



Written by: Enestle Zimba
Africa’s Best Kept Secret Ezine (Abkse)
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African
73 Eucalyptus Avenue,
Luanshya, Zambia

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