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The Changing Fortunes of Zambia Safari
September 26, 2005


September 26, 2005 Issue #004
Written by Enestle Zimba,
Founding Editor
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African


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o The Changing Fortunes of Zambia Safari

-- o Just My Thoughts

-- o Resource Centre

-- o Free Trials


Why is Zambia safari...Africa’s best kept secret?
Because of...

...The Changing Fortunes of Zambia Safari

Why are fortunes changing for Zambian tourism?
Insufficient marketing of safaris and tourism from
both the government and the private sector alike.
But it’s different now. Things are changing. More
and more investors are coming into the country to
set up business in safari and tour operations.

Oh …and a bit in copper and gemstones mining too! The
Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) runs an open arm policy.
They’re ready to help you raise your capital. Lusaka’s
ultra modern Central Park was built with capital raised
from LuSe.

The Sun International Hotel, a world-class resort, is
an example of a NEW hospitality leisure and business
hotel. It’s a “combo” of two hotels; the five star Royal
Livingstone and the three star Zambezi Sun. Both only
opened in May 2001. The resort ‘sits’ next to the world’s
wonder, the amazing Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River.

And here is a surprise! Some people think that the
Victoria Falls is not in Zambia. Others have portrayed
the falls to be in South Africa or even in Zimbabwe. The
truth is that it is at the Zambia-Zimbabwe border and
that the best view is from the Zambian side.

Most tourist have enthused this opinion after a visit.
That’s because “the smoke that thunders” i.e. the
plumes of mist from the falling water drifts
southwards and unfortunately obliterate the view
of the Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side. See!

With current low numbers, visiting the Victoria
Falls is very pleasant indeed. No crowds! Imagine
keeping clear of the hustle and bustle associated
with most popular safari destinations today.

However, Zambia is now the awakening sleeping
giant in safari. Numbers are going up, up! The
country is experiencing a large boost of international
tourist arrivals and it’s showing. The tourism potential
is being harnessed and more investment activities are
“popping up” in the hospitality business.

A luxury hotel here, a luxury lodge there, and a luxury
guesthouse over there! There is even a brand new shopping
mall under construction. It’s like the “partitioning of
Africa” once again. That is the story of Livingstone city
near the Victoria Falls.

And what is the prime mover? It’s marketing expose’ of
Zambian safaris: …The amazing natural wonders, the
heritage of fauna and flora (wildlife and plants), ...and
in addition the beautiful terrain coupled with the
wonderful weather nearly all year round. Being in the
tropics Zambia’ s weather is the envy of most African

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUST MY THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is something to muse about! Zambia was separated
by two former African colonies of imperial Germany. In
the northeast was the Germany East Africa now Tanzania
and in the southwest was the Germany West Africa, today
called Namibia.

If Von Lettow Vorbeck did not surrender at Chambeshi River
Bridge on the main road from Mpika to Kasama, perhaps
Zambia would have become a Germany colony. This would
have changed the course of history and today I would
not be writing in the Queen’s language, English.
Germany would have been Zambia’s lingua franca and
not English.

On the September 18th, 1961 the plane carrying the late
Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation,
Dag Hammerskjoeld crashed near Ndola. A monument was
built on the site and every year the Zambian
government and the United Nations System hold a
commemoration ceremony to remember the fallen
Secretary General.

In 1986 Zambia agreed to host the prestigious African
Nations Cup finals for 1988. In order to prepare for
the finals a stadium named after the late Secretary
General, Dag Hammerskjold, was demolished with plans
to build an ultra modern one complete with a shopping
mall and all. The African Nations Cup was never held
in Zambia and the stadium was never built. Only in
Africa do such things happen!

Read about it here

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Written by: Enestle Zimba
Africa’s Best Kept Secret Ezine (Abkse)
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African
73 Eucalyptus Avenue,
Luanshya, Zambia

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