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Why is Livingstone City Africa’s Best Kept Secret?
October 25, 2005


October 25, 2005 Issue #005
Written by Enestle Zimba,
Founding Editor
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African


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================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================

o Africa’s Best Kept Secret

-- o Just My Thoughts

-- o Resource Centre

-- o Free Trials


o Why is Livingstone City Africa’s best kept secret in
Zambia safari? Because of...

...The Victoria Falls and the Adventure Centre.

The city of Livingstone is this year a ‘centenarian.’ It
was established in 1905. Construction of the Victoria
Falls Bridge was also completed in the same year.

Now John Cecil Rhodes is interesting. This British
entrepreneur of the 19th century had decided to build a
rail road from Cape Town at the tip of South African
to Cairo at the delta of the Nile River. He dubbed it
the “Cape to Cairo.” 1905 is also the year the railway
line reached the Zambezi River.

Up stream but within the vicinity of Livingstone City the
Zambezi River breaks out into a 1,700 metre-wide river.
Then suddenly it plunges down through more than 110 metres
below into a narrow channel. It is at this point the
Zambezi forms the “world’s largest curtain of falling
water” otherwise known as the Victoria Falls. As the water
goes through the free fall some separate into water
droplets that form a rising mist, the plumes of it seen
far way. Then water crushes with the booming sound
also heard kilometers away.

It was on November 16, 1855 when Dr David Livingstone
discovered the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi. He named
the falls in honour of Queen Victoria. This year on
November 15 and 16 Zambia will hold a duet celebration:
the commemorate of 150 years since Dr Livingstone first
saw the water cataract and two centenary celebrations
of the Livingstone City and the Victoria Falls Bridge.

However, long before the Dr David Livingstone “discovered”
the falls, the Kololo people living in the area in the
1800’s called it ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ meaning ‘the Smoke that
Thunders.’ But the Toka Leya of Chief Mukuni who lives
in the area today know the falls as “Shungu Na Mutitima.”
It was the noise from the cascading water and the rising
mist that inspired the name in both cases.

Little wonder Rhodes decided that the bridge should be
very close to the Victoria Falls. He wanted the mist to
waft into the faces of the passengers sitting in the rail

So he had the bridge designed and built in England. It
was brought here in parts and reconstructed across the
Zambezi. From each bank the bridge was erected to meet
in the middle and in mid air above the wild Zambezi River.

One afternoon the two parts of the bridge failed to mesh
or meet and connect flash on. The African afternoon heat
had expanded the metals. The poor fellows had to give up
for the day. The final connection was completed early the
following day before the wrath of the sun could unleash
the African heat to expand the metals again. That’s how
this picturesque bridge was completed. But that is another

Now the bridge stands 250 metres across, with a main arch
spanning 150 metres. The top of the bridge is 125 metres
above the low-water level of the river. Today, regular
rail services connect the towns of Victoria Falls in
Zimbabwe and Livingstone in Zambia.


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUST MY THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now the Livingstone area has become known as the Southern
Africa Adventure Centre. Over the centuries, the falls have
been receding upstream. At different eras they have been
falling into numerous chasms which now form a series of
sharply zig-zagging gorges downstream from the falls.

In fact the sides of the gorges are the former faces of the
Victoria Falls at different times in the past. And these
gorges are a geological spectacle, perhaps only found here.
After the water has cascaded into a narrow river channel
the water rushes down stream along the gorges.

The Railway Bridge

Just below the Boiling Pot, and almost at right angles to
the falls, the gorge is spanned by a bridge. It is one of
only five over the Zambezi River and was completed in
April 1905. It was a link in the Cecil Rhodes' Cape-Cairo
railway scheme.

Lets now turn our focus to the 9 zigzag gorges at whose
entrance is the Devils Gorge. For a brief moment imagine
how beautiful these would look from the sky!

Now the Victoria Falls Bridge is the launch pad for the
world’s highest commercial bunji jump which is 111 metres
high. To date fifty thousand people have jumped off it and
safely too.

Then there are the water spots: white water rafting over
the ranging 22 rapids down stream, river boarding, speed
boating, jet boating, kayaking, and gorges adventures
such as abseiling, gorge swinging, and flying pig across
the gorge, etc.

How about the Flight of the Angels? Take to the air in a
microlight or rigid wing flight across the Victoria Falls,
hover over the falls in a helicopter, flying over the
small but wildlife full Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, the
city of Livingstone and below surface along the gorges.

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Written by: Enestle Zimba
Africa’s Best Kept Secret Ezine (Abkse)
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African
73 Eucalyptus Avenue,
Luanshya, Zambia

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