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the Luangwa Valley in Africa’s Great Rift Valley
December 06, 2005
December 06, 2005 Issue #008

Written by Enestle Zimba,
Founding Editor
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African


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o Africa’s Best Kept Secret

o Just My Thoughts

o Resource Centre

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o Why is Luangwa Valley... Africa’s best kept secret?
Because of...

...the Luangwa Valley is part of the Great East African
Rift Valley. The scenery in the valley is dramatic. The
reason is simple. It is because the Luangwa River carves
its tortuous course at bottom and centre of the valley.
The bottom of the valley is wide having been broadened
by the winding river channel during the passage of time.
The result is a natural haven, a spectacularly varied and
high concentration of wildlife, all in one spot.

Within the Luangwa Valley are two important national
parks. These are the South Luangwa and the North Luangwa
National Parks. In fact a small one is being established
this very moment sandwiched between the two parks.

South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa is Zambia’s premier national park. It
offers some of the best game viewing opportunities in
Africa. The park covers an area of 9,050 sq km and is
bordered by the Muchinga Escarpment in the west and the
ever changing Luangwa River in the east. There is an
international airport next to the park. So you may just
fly in from abroad.

Although South Luangwa is a little bit of a beaten track
it still remains unspoiled. The best and largest
concentration of wildlife in Africa is found here. The
wildlife assert is largely as it has always been; a
sanctuary of one of Africa's most important elephant
populations and also boasts of large numbers of antelope.
Animals notably found here are impala, puku, hippo,
zebras, kudu, Cookson's wildebeest, bushbuck, waterbuck,
lion, Thomicrofts giraffe, monkeys and wild dogs.

The Luangwa is also home to greater numbers of Nile
crocodiles than any other river. Ornithologists should
note that more than four hundred species of birds have
been recorded so far! It’s a birders' paradise too.

Blossoming trees and exotic flowers set the scene. There
are lodges at Chichele (the Presidential Lodge), Mfuwe,
Kapani, Chinzombo, Tafika, Kafunta (all year), Luanfwa,
Tundwe, Tena Tena, Kaingo Camp (in dry season – May to
September). There are also seasonal non-catering camps.
But the facilities are “full house” including luxury
double rooms in chalets, private baths and toilets,
full 3 - course meals, bar facilities and swimming pools.

Each lodge and tented safari camp offers a wonderful
range of open vehicle safaris, guided tours, sundowners
at the river edges... And the cuisine is fantastic and
may be enjoyed under starlit African sky. And here you
have a chance to taste Zambian cuisines too. South
Luangwa lodges are among the most luxurious and most
opulent in comfort in wilderness Africa.

North Luangwa National Park

The 4,636 sq. km North Luangwa National Park is one of
Africa's spectacular wilderness areas surviving today.
The park is remote and offers unique experience for
those seeking a true, off-the-beaten-track experience.

Because of its wild and pristine nature the North Luangwa
requires prior arrangement to make a visit that is smooth
and memorable. The wildlife continues to live like they
have done since medieval times. And it is here where black
rhinos are being repopulated after having been recently
poached to extinction by illegal and unscrupulous people
(the scum of the earth). The legendary walking safaris
take place here. The organized safari trips connect three
main bush camps together. This way you get the opportunity
to see wildlife at close quarters, and the bush smells too!.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUST MY THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Luangwa River is an attraction in itself. The river
cuts the land and meanders along the valley floor while
changing its course annually. As it changes course from
side to side the river leaves behind lagoons and oxbow
lakes. These changes make the valley dynamic. The tented
camps move to new positions to remain close to the river

But why? In winter when it’s dry the trees and bushes
are thinner making it easier to see animals and birds.
But the food becomes scarce. So the animals throng the
lagoons in search of food and water.

The oxbow lakes become the centres of attraction. The
lush vegetation and the water are great sources of sweet
grass and drinking water. All animals are attracted
there and so are the many predators; lions, leopard,
cheater, hyena, crocodiles, etc.

… the ever present watching pride of lions are primed.
They’re ready. They take the opportunity as it presents
itself to pounce on unsuspecting young or lame prey...
then there is the lonely leopard who stalk and eat alone...
This is a natural drama as only the wilderness in Africa
can provide!

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Written by: Enestle Zimba
Africa’s Best Kept Secret Ezine (Abkse)
(c) copyright 2005 Zambia African
73 Eucalyptus Avenue,
Luanshya, Zambia

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