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Zambia’s Unique Waterfalls
January 12, 2006
January 12, 2006 Issue #010

Written by Enestle Zimba,
Founding Editor
(c) copyright 2006 Zambia African


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o Africa’s Best Kept Secret

o Just My Thoughts

o Resource Centre

o Free Trials


o Why is Zambia Africa’s best kept secret?

...Because of the unique waterfalls. And there are not
less than 15 waterfalls in Zambia.

Strange but true, the most beautiful, and the most unique
of the Zambian waterfalls are on the borders with other
countries. Take for instance the highest waterfall, the
Kalambo Falls with its impressive uninterrupted water
drop of 221 metres. It’s located at the triple joint
border of three countries; Democratic Republic of Congo,
Tanzania and Zambia.

Kalambo Falls is thus the highest uninterrupted waterfall
in Africa and the twelfth in the world. It’s more than
twice as high as the Victoria Falls. However, as nature
would have it Kalambo Falls “faces” Zambia at the point
where the water drops into Kalambo River. Downstream the
water tumbles over two smaller waterfalls before finally
discharging into Lake Tanganyika.

Dr J Desmond Clark Zambia’s longest serving and renowned
anthropologist excavated around this site was inspired to
write. “one of the unforgettable sights of Africa...a single
perfect example of the beauty that is to be found in falling
water, in a setting of unsurpassed grandeur.’

Dr. Clark was the first person to study the early
settlement of the Stone Age people who had occupied the
area around the waterfall. It is here at Kalambo where
evidence of the use of fire by the Stone Age was first
noticed in an anthropological dig in Zambia.

Then there’s the mighty Victoria Falls one of the Seven
Wonders of the World. The waterfall is at the border
with Zimbabwe. However, as most visitors have observed
the best view is from the Zambian side. The rising mist
never obliterates the sight. The Zambian side is higher by
to twenty one metres. And the mist blows southwest into
Zimbabwe. That does it, severely obscure the sight from there.

One hundred and fifty years ago on November 16, 1855
Dr David Livingstone, the famous Scottish missionary doctor
and explorer became the first white man to see the
waterfall. He named it in honour of the English monarch
Queen Victoria. Before then the Kololo people living in
the area called it “Mosi-Oa-Tunya,” meaning the smoke that

In describing its unsurpassed beauty Dr Livingstone
couldn’t resist writing in his dairy, “...scenes so lovely
must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight...”

Zambia is truly a bag of nature’s secrets. For instance,
the mighty Victoria Falls and Kalambo Falls are not the only
waterfalls in Zambia. In fact not less than twenty other
waterfalls are found on Zambian Rivers.

These are Lumangwe Falls, Kabweluma Falls, Ngonye Falls,
Nyambwezu Falls, Ntumbachushi Falls, Kundalila Falls,
Mutumuna Falls, Chishimba Falls to name a few. Check them


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUST MY THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Of the many great explorers in African history the name of
Livingstone rings a bell. A very loud bell indeed. He spent
a very large part of his life in Central Africa exploring
and discovery many things. One of them was the most inhuman
trade, the slave trade. He fought it, taught Christianity
and opened up Africa for trade and civilisation. He did all
this in three journeys that he made.

Dr David Livingstone died in Zambia during his great third
journey. His heart was buried where he died at Chief
Chitambo’s Village in Serenje, over 400 kilometres north of
Lusaka. His African helpers embalmed his body and carried
it on foot across Africa (1,500 kms) to the Indian Ocean at
Bagamoyo. From there his remains were put on a ship and
sent to England.

A monument now stands on the site where his heart was
Buried under a large tree. His heart rests in peace in
Africa the passion of his life.

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Written by: Enestle Zimba
Africa’s Best Kept Secret Ezine (Abkse)
(c) copyright 2006 Zambia African
73 Eucalyptus Avenue,
Luanshya, Zambia

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