Victoria Falls Livingstone,
the Southern Africa Adventure Centre

Livingstone Zambia the Adventure Centre of Southern Africa!

If you love adventure… thrive in casual dress on your holiday, …enjoy the feel of freedom from the normal shackles of life, the exhilarating experience away from your usual routine... Is that you?

Hop into a jet and land at Livingstone International Airport. Driving from the airport through and past the town…just on your right…and there it is. The Adventure Centre of southern Africa. It's both a building and also refers to the area surrounding Victoria Falls.

Microlight on "Take off"

The Adventure Centre houses most of the adventure companies and they’ll let you on into their secret… ie allow you to make a choice of your adventure. Alternatively four kilometers up stream above the Victoria Falls turn left to the Zambezi Water Front. They'll arrange an adventure for you. Again the choice is yours. And then you'll discover why Zambia is Africa's best kept secret.

Zambia is accepted as the Adventure Centre for safaris in southern Africa? And for good reasons too! Just consider this long list…

The wild Zambezi River after which Zambia is named:

  • Fishing for sharp toothed tiger, fat bream, vundu (catfish).
  • Good fresh water fishing.
  • Speed boating on the Zambezi
  • Canoeing to view game: elephants, hippos, crocodiles, etc.

The great cataract the awesome Victoria Falls:

  • A real close encounter with the waterfall while smugly comfortable in a chopper, a chopper, microflight or indeed a small rigid-wing plane.
  • The exhilarated microlight flights with wind in your face.
  • The unforgettable great sights of the waterfall from above the Victoria Falls.

The zigzagging gorges cut down by the river over 50m deep:

  • The site of the white water rafting on 23 wild rapids on Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls.
  • River-boarding by surfing the raging Zambezi.
  • Tandem kayaking with experienced kayakers who will take you through the raging rapids - great fun and quite safe.
  • Jet boating down the Batoka Gorge.

The wide serene and slow moving Zambezi River up stream of the waterfalls:

  • Houseboating to watch the exquisite African sunsets...oh and the romantic star gazing.
  • Canoeing safaris along the Zambezi River, great game viewing.
  • River cruises on the African Queen boat; breakfast, lunch and suppers.
  • The Zambezi Waterfront located just 4 km upstream of Victoria Falls is a large serviced campsite, a tented village and en-suite chalets ... a complex with a restaurant, shop and the "adventure centre."

Houseboating on the "African Queen" on Zambezi

The historic Victoria Falls Bridge (a centenary old) across the Zambezi above the gorges:

  • Watch the falls from a steam safari train and step back in time to this romantic era on an excursion from Livingstone Station.
  • Bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, just about the highest in the world at 111m free fall of adrenaline rush with a 100% safety record. Over 50 000 jumps to date.

The great beauty and the scenic landscape of the gorges:

  • Abseiling the gorges 53 metres high down stream of the Victoria Falls.
  • The 50 metres fall Gorge Swing off the edge of the cliff.
  • The Flying Fox, a cable slide high above the gorge to "fly" across the gorge.

Victoria Falls bottom where the 545 million cubic metres of water plunges down during the peak of the season:

  • The Boiling Pot right where the great current and whirlpool of water finally meet.
  • The Kalahari red sands at the bottom of the falls - this provided the colour theme of the Zambezi Sun resort.

The small game park, a natural "zoo," the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park:

  • Horse riding safaris, a unique way to view game.
  • Elephant back safaris, tame elephants give the best game viewing.
  • Legendary walking safaris are the best on the continent.
  • Micro light flights to see game from the air in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.
  • Fixed wing flights in a Cessna called "Flight of the Angels."
  • And the game drives too!

The cultural tourism:

  • Chief Makuni's Village of about 6,000 people living like they have always done.
  • The Maramba Market where all manner of goods African is sold. Negotiate!
  • Livingstone town tour: a town of three museum and old architecture from the previous century.
  • The Railway Museums of old railway derelicts rehabilitated to their original decor.
  • The Livingstone Museum housing the most comprehensive collection of memorabilia of David Livingstone.

The Victoria Falls area a place of myth and reverence:

  • The ever present "equatorial" rainforest at the cliff opposite the waterfall sustained by the mist from "the smoke that thunders" also called “Shungu Mutitima.”
  • The many shrines for rituals by the Mukuni people of the Toka-Leya..
  • The Victoria Falls Field Museum built on an actual archaeological dig of the Stone Age people.
  • The Victoria Falls Craft shop with all kinds of items in African art. Great gifts and memorabilia from Africa.

Victoria Falls and the Ever Present RainBow

And the scenic beauty of riverine forest along the banks up stream of the Zambezi ably described by the famous Scottish explorer Dr David Linvinstone in 1857, "…scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels their flight…"The Livingstone Island known locally as Siloka Island on the lip of the cliff where the water cascades. The island is unique on the Zambezi and has many historical myths, rituals and folklore.

It’s from this island where David Livingstone described the 1700m wide Victoria Falls as, “No one could perceive where the vast body of water went; it seemed to lose itself in the earth, the opposite lip of the fissure into which it disappeared …a stream…of a thousand yards leaped down a hundred feet (33m) and then suddenly compressed into a space of 15 or 20 yards (5 or 9 m)…”

Zambia, the adventure travel country, is home to the Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, teeming wildlife and the warm African welcomes …all these are found in one friendly country!

After your satisfying safari tour you may feel like giving a hand. Visit The Butterfly Tree charity who nurture those in need. Your pocket change will come in really handy here...

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