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But why Tourism Archives? Reading old articles is very handy. Whoever does not get to “old trunks” to rummage in around or indeed sift through old material forever miss FAR too much. Far and great knowledge lie neglected there. And in our case WHAT knowledge?

How about Zambia’s tourism, safaris, wildlife and the environment?. You will be able to read an article on interesting places and tourist attractions in Zambia. And why is that?

Because Tourism Archives keep all articles including issues of our weekly newsletter “Africa’s Best Kept Secret E-zine” (ABKSE). This newsletter discusses Zambia’s tourism, the conservation of wildlife and the environment. Hey and how about business? It sure does!

But then pleasure goes after business. So we also discuss safari business. And not with hindsight but for real . What are we up to, you might ask. Simply to make you aware of the business potential there is in safari travel, game viewing, accommodation, birding, fishing, etc.

And what is so special about Zambian tourism? Just take a peek on her recent safari awards .

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