Zambia Safari, the Award Winning in African Safaris

If you're a lover of safaris, African safari in particular…then you'll discover why Zambia safari is Africa's best kept secret. And why she has become the most enticing destination in African safari.

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Zambia is the fast growing prime destination of choice …now acclaimed, and rightly so, the southern Africa Adventure Centre!.

World Tourism

(WTO) has ranked
Zambia as Africa's
No 1 emerging
tourist destination.

Zambia is the
"WORLD'S No 10
best long-haul

Check it out here

The UK 2004
Trends and
Spends Survey

has awarded Zambia
the No 10 ranking in
the "best long-haul
destinations". At No 10
Zambia is the only
other African country
in the top ten ranking.

The Cape Times:
June 23, 2004.

Zambia was elected
President of the

Africa Travel
during its 29th
annual congress
held in Doula,
Cameroun (May 7,
2004). ATA is an
association that
promotes travel
from North America
to Africa.

But why?

...because of the uniquely varied Zambian safaris. The rhythm of the African safaris...the very best of:

    • The Victoria Falls, the mystic and awe-inspiring world heritage.
    • The experience of the glorious sunsets and exquisite stargazing on the Zambezi River.
    • The mingling with ancient traditions and ceremonies.
    • Learning the mystic legends of Zambia safari.
    • Seeing abundant and teeming wildlife, some of them only found here.
    • Discovering the pristine wilderness and beautiful landscapes such as surrounds Lake Kariba.
    • And becoming part of the hi-action adrenaline-pumping adventure activities.
    • Enjoying the peoples' warm African welcome Zambia is famous for.
    • Meeting a real example of the unity in diversity of 73 ethnic groups.
    • …and all of this in one friendly country!

Arial view of the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls

The legendary walking safaris started by Norman Carr continue to be South Luangwa National Park’s best attractions. The safaris are personally arranged by Norman Carr Safaris .

Zambia safari is the epitome of African travel. To start with visit the world famous heritage, the mystic, awe-inspiring Victoria Falls and…there are about twenty other waterfalls too. Your bookings for accommodation will be ably accomplished by the many car rental and safari operators ready to help you enjoy the Zambia safari. As you travel around the country African art will become evident. So visit the art galleries and traditional villages.

In Livingstone town the adventure centre will dangle in your face the wildest in adventure travel. Then consider discovering more of the marvel of Zambian tourism or alternatively, access the tourism archives by clicking here . And don't forget that the kingpin of Zambia safari and tourism is the teeming wildlife estate in Zambia's national parks .

The Great Expanse of the Lower Zambezi River.
The Lower Zambezi National Park is in the Background to the Right

Visit Zambia and learn more about Zambia safari! You'll discover why Zambia is the award wining country in African safaris…the tenth ranking in "long-haul destinations,"…the "best southern African country" in 2004. And named as No 1 emerging tourism destination in Africa by the World Tourism Organisation.

And before I forget it, visit Zambia in 2005 is a double, a duet celebration: a few centenaries and 150 years!

As my wife, Molly, would say, "let's stop beating about the bush and get on" the safari. Read more about Zambia the African Safari, right below here!

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