Create A Web Site That Works …Even For A Safari Hobby!

My life’s greatest passion is a safari hobby. And what is that you may ask. …Simply the conservation of wildlife and the environment. I do this after hours from my 7 to 5 job. And that’s how it all started.

Read this story to learn how to build not just a web site… but a web site that works…

I live and work in a mining town in Zambia. So finding time to do my safari hobby was not easy at first. It was an up hill battle. But I wised up and made it easy, just too easy perhaps. How did I do that?

Since our libraries are a touch too poor in book stocks I could not do my research there. The solution? The Internet …and my lifeline too!

It is said that one can find practically any information on the Internet. It is true! The Internet isn’t called the “information-super-highway” for nothing. But looking for information on the Internet can be daunting. “Where to look? What to look for? And above all HOW TO LOOK?”

Where to Look

First I had to learn how to use the Internet. Oh I knew the “www” existed and what it could do but I never used it before. So I decided to learn fast. You can’t learn any faster than taking the bull by its horns. And I did that.

There is a shared computer in our shared office…and it has Internet connection. That was my target. I burnt hours that turned into days…that turned into weeks…and finally into months. And Voila!

I had learnt how to use the Internet and the search engines too. Google search engine came in handy. But try this gem of a search facility. Life sometimes comes with surprises. Click here to see what this jewel can do for you It beats the pants off most Internet searches hands down.

Bad Folks on the Internet

After some research I ran into all kinds of “worms”. I mean people with all kinds of offers. I call them “worms” because they’ll make you part with your hard earn income. I know this because I lost a nice sum myself. So I should know. The “worms” separated me from my cash. You don’t forget such a thing easily and I haven’t all this time.

Sorry but I digressed there. As I was saying…I came across all sorts of offers. Get rich quick. Make money with no effort programmes. Multi-level marketing. Business opportunity this or that. And there’re many and I joined them all. Well, not all but quite a few really. The result? An inbox full of e-mails and for a period I received over three hundred per day! But alas, none made me a single red dime…wake Enestle! (don’t worry that’s just my name).

So I hard to learn pretty fast. But it took time, frustrations, and disenchantment. What with all that hype on the Internet. But it finally dawned on me that either I gave up the Internet or changed my tactic completely. By this time I had noticed that people could be very generous with information on the Internet. Especially those marketing something. Perhaps too generous! But of course to lure you into their snares, perhaps?

I started asking questions and for help too. Lots and tons of help came my way. Then it hit me. Its called information overload! Lots and lots of information swamped me. Much more kept coming in. The electronic newsletters I had subscribed to contributed a lot. I tried to soak it all in but my brain was choked! I was paralysed. Information paralysis! To choose a programme to pursue was now beyond me. I was scared!

Help Comes Along

I kept asking around. And “out of the blue”, out of this maze, a good soul appeared. He advised me to choose one programme that looked like it had a fighting chance at success. And to stick to it like a baby monkey sticks to its mum’s body.

Gently he mentioned that there was a 5-day Masters Course on web marketing that shows it all. Ken Evoy offers this tutorial. And it’s free too! Yes free. Get yourself this 5-day masters tutorial by clicking here And if you would like to promote a hobby…even if it’s a business you wish to promote please click here to see how small business people are mastering it . You’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home.

Dr Evoy will “take-you-by-the-hand” and gently too, but with crystal clarity, show you the sure way that works. He advises, "Why build JUST a Web site... when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"

Follow his advice and you’ll beat the information overload. You’ll get out of the maze and be on your own happy way. Be it a safari hobby like mine or any hobby at all And it works all the time even for businesses and …small businesses too!

How to Write a Sizzling Copy Or a Pulling Advert

Are you worried that you might not be able to write? You’ll be brought up to speed in learning how to write a sizzling copy or advert if you care to read a short but very precise book called “Make Your Content PREsell”. It taught me all I know about marketing on the Internet.

Get your copy of “Make Your Content PREsell” NOW! I recommend it …and you’ll thank me forever.

Your Freebies Are Here!

And to help you along please stuff your pockets with these FREE Goodies. Its true they’re free for you to download. Please click here to get them . I make this offer because I would like you to succeed in your hobby or business. It’s a bonus for reading this far!

And to understand it all see here how some folks have accomplished it and found the special prize!

The Proof

For the proof? Check for yourself how small business people are meeting with success like I did for my safari hobby. You’ll get up to speed on your learning!

If you've a question or you would like to get a clarification please send your e-mail by clicking here . You’ll receive your answer promptly.

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