Zambia The New Fascination in Africa Travel

Africa travel, especially to Zambian destinations, is our business. We have formed partnerships with most popular Zambian safari operators. With these partners we compliment each others' safaris in Africa travel.

When you think about exciting experiences, Think of Zambia in Africa! But then Africa is a land so big. And every interesting safari and holiday tours take place here. And where more of these safaris happen so do the hustle and bustle. Why not avoid the bustle, the pushing, the heaving that go with most popular Africa travel places?

There is a new, fast growing prime destination of choice. Catch the ‘worm’ NOW, I mean, get here before it becomes a 'mad house' with everyone jostling, hustling and bustling. That’s what happens in most popular destinations. To enable you avoid such unpleasantness I give you Zambia!

.... sometimes she is called 'Zambia….the Real Africa' . Zambia is sandwiched between 8 countries. These are Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Angola and DR Congo. So the country is centrally positioned. From here you can get practically anywhere in Southern Africa for your African travel.

The country continues to be a haven of peace, one of the most peaceful of African countries. Never has war taken place here. The 73 ethnic groups is an example of African unity in diversity. A natural choice for Africa travel destination .

Apart from the most spectacular views of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambia has some of Africa's finest game reserves with a variety of wildlife safaris. It is teeming with wildlife in its 19 national parks and private game reserves. You see Zambia's astounding and diverse concentration of wild animals and birds life . An incredible natural heritage with many unique species found only here.

Zambia is a land of glorious sunsets, friendly people, ancient traditions and mystic legends, of nature at its wildest and most exquisite. The ultimate in Africa travel. It is Africa’s best-kept secret. Discover the Zambia Safari that constitute Zambia's tourism.

Zambia has a unique combinations of accommodations. First off, there is the Sun International's 'combo' of hotels; The Royal Livingstone 5 star luxury hotel on the banks of the Zambezi and The Zambezi Sun, a 3 star hotel minutes from the Victoria Falls. While in Livingstone, however, there are also theme-based hotels and lodges to choose from.

And Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, also has high class and exciting hotels, lodges, motels. The 5 star Taj Pamodzi Hotel, 5 star Hotel Intercontinental, the Holiday Inn, and game lodges within a fifty kilometer radius. Strategically placed are hotel and lodge accommodations in every national park. They vary from budget to upper drawer rates. Everyone is catered for.

The country lies within the tropics, so 'winters' are pleasantly temperate and similar to Mediterranean springs. The days are warm and sunny and the nights clear and cool. Winter months are the best for wildlife viewing, as animals tend to stay close to waterholes and pans. Temperatures range around 23 C or 72 F except in the early mornings where temperatures can drop to 6 C or 42 F.

Most people have been told that Victoria Falls are on the Zimbabwean side. In fact the falls give a better view on the Zambian side. Of the 1701 meter-width of the falls 1200 meters is in Zambia.

Besides this side is a more peaceful place to stay in than the tourist hustle and bustle across the Zambezi River. There are superb lodges that cater for those that appreciate personalized service and attention to detail. Above all, when you take on a safari in Africa travel be astute and think of the fitness and wellness regime The Zambian side offers some unique viewpoints allowing one to walk right up to the falling water by following a steep track to the base of the falls. The Knife Edge Point, reached by a footbridge across which only the brave dare to go, allows superb views of the Eastern Cataract and the Main Falls, as well as the Boiling Pot where the river turns and heads down the Batoka Gorge. The views from this point are best when the water is low and winds are low.

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