The Fitness Regime.
A Safari Treatment

Suddenly he stopped. His lack of fitness clearly showing. Casually he motioned to his colleague and said, “I wish I could be feeling as thriving and as robust like you. What is the secret of your fitness?”

John and Peter were friends since their school days. Like birds of the same feathers flock together, they looked alike. Well, not now but then, when they were at school together. But for the heaviness of Peter who now looks older one can be excused for thinking their postures were still similar. Like I said “birds of a feather”!

Coming back to our story. John and Peter were taking a stroll while discussing business. Peter’s crime, if it is a crime that our dear old Peter did, was the constant poor feeding habits. Years of what he greedily called “good and refined” food had taken its toll. With the passing years Peter’s dislike for both health food and exercise was now showing. He was not exactly lean but rather heavy, in fact, obese!

Research has shown that 2 out of 3 Americans are clinically obese. And the figure is increasing. Most of the developed world tends to follow a similar pattern when it comes to obesity. The need for exercise and the need to watch the food we eat are critically crucial. If you want to get out of this unfit living you must rethink you life habits. And eating is a habit too!

John is an example of fitness. He watches what he eats and enjoys exercising. The benefit: he actually feels healthier and enjoys life more than Peter. A habit engraved into him over the years has come in to “pay dirty”.

On the other hand it’s not as if nobody cared, but Peter was advised to take in more of the less processed food and watch his “darling food like a mouse watches a cat.” Now look at his stature.

Is that you? You can reverse the trend. Slowly take in the advice of doctors on good eating habits (a-a-gh! that good looking food). And stretch your body, just a little at a time. You will be well on your way to a fitness and wellness you envy in others.

Speed it up. Go on a holiday. Take a safari. Watch wildlife and enjoy the wilderness. And routinely at the end of your every day’s safari ask the chef to serve you a good meal. A meal designed to bring back the good health of your youth. You know, chefs are good at that. They have been trained.

What benefit would a walking safari in Zambia do for you? You exercise while you enjoy game viewing in the wilderness. You heart is pumping; you are ready for the thrust of speed the prey will incorporate in its flight from the predator. Your mind is racing in anticipation! You are a wee bit out of your environment and momentary feel fright like the hunted. Adrenaline is flowing. You're on your way to fitness.

Think of an adventure travel . It will be good for your heart. It makes the heart happy and healthy. And you will have a smile on your face. What do they say about a smile… a reflection of a relaxed mind? Ask the doctors, they will confirm this!

Your mind is at rest. You are relaxing and how can you need too much to eat? You will be feeling home even though you’re away from home. No daily drudge you go through every each day. The targets to meet, the tension of commuting, the hustle and bustle of life generally. And finally that food your daily routine makes you crave for. And they do make that food, that fast food, look and taste good.

Take your time off away from it all. Take a safari to the new destination in African safari . Take safari in Zambia, visit the Victoria Falls , now a world heritage site. There is a lot to choose from for your safari fitness.

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