On Launched The Visit Zambia 2005 Campaign!

Why the Visit Zambia 2005 Campaign?

About 150 years ago, on November 16 in 1855, the Scottish explorer Dr David Livingstone "discovered" the Victoria Falls which he named after Queen Victoria. 50 years later, in 1905, the nearby city of Livingstone was established in honour of David Livingstone. That’s about 100 years ago!

So the Visit Zambia 2005! campaign is a duet cerebration! 150 years for the Victoria Falls and 100 years, a centenary for Livingstone town. These two best-kept secrets, the uniquely different events, will come of age in 2005


Parks in Zambia are Strategically Positioned

That’s why the Zambia National Tourist Board has put the Visit Zambia 2005 campaign in TOP gear. So discover why Zambia is Africa’s best-kept secret. Savor it and make the secret yours! Remember that the Victoria Falls is the Pride of Zambia and Livingstone town is southern Africa’s Adventure Centre.

The Victoria Falls - See the ever present rainbow

Why a visit to Victoria Falls ? Locally the Victoria Falls is known as the Mosi-oa-Tunya, “the smoke that thunders.” It is also considered the largest curtain of falling water. With it’s dimensions of 1,700 meters (5,100 feet) long and a 111-meter (300 feet) drop, the Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the mighty Zambezi River, that borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a place of legend, romance and myth. Most visitors agree that the Zambian side gives a far better view of the Victoria Falls. What with the 1,200 meters (3600 feet) of the 1,700 meters being in Zambia and all visible.

What then is our advice? Simply visit Zambia 2005 and the Adventure Centre to choose your fascination…. your life's memorable adventure. You Have a Choice:

  • The white-water rafting frenzy over 23 rapids on wild Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls

  • Canoeing safaris along the Zambezi River, perfect for game viewing
  • River-boarding and surfing the Zambezi below Victoria Falls

  • House boating to enjoy your exquisite sunsets and stargazing on Lake Kariba.

  • Bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, an 111m free fall

  • Legendary walking safaris, the best on the continent

  • Abseiling the Batoka Gorges below the Victoria Falls

  • Horse riding safaris, a unique way to view game

  • Tandem kayaking, using an experienced kayaker who’ll take you through the raging rapids of the Zambezi - great fun and quite safe.

  • Fishing for tiger fish and the Nile perch, two of the best fresh water fishing

  • Elephant back safaris, tame elephants give the best view of game in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Tribal Villages Themes

And have you ever heard of the Songwe Point and the Mukuni Village? Two tourist spots based on themes of typical tribal villages. At Songwe Point the food is cooked in traditional utensils and on fire wood. Not on electric cookers! And you get to smell the fire. As for the lighting, it's provided by lanterns, and of course, no telephones. It's life in a typical village except for the comfort and personal attention that will spoil you. This is the hallmark of the "Visit Zambia 2005!"

Colourful Traditions

What about the colourful ceremonies of the friendly local people? You’re welcome to experience the unique and exciting mingling at the attraction packed annual traditional ceremonies such as the Kuomboka, Umutomboko, N'cwala, Likumbi Lyamize, Shimunenga, and many others. Over 21 ceremonies take place yearly.

Three Museums in One Town

There are three museums in Livingstone:

  • the Railway Museum, home of the 19th century rail locomotives and coaches in prime condition, refurbished to their original décor. Sample the steam safari!

  • Victoria Falls Field Museum at the heritage site has records of the geological explanation for formation of the falls.

  • and the Livingstone Museum, the country’s prime museum with records of both natural and human history.

…And is that all?

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So what gives? You don’t want to miss the "carnival cerebration train". Visit Zambia in 2005! to see the pristine wilderness, the profusion of wildlife…and meet with the friendly people!

Visit Zambia in 2005! in Livingstone and Victoria Falls

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