African Safari Vacations,
Alluring and Soothing !

In Kiswahili safari meant a journey or a travel but today it means African safari vacations. The concept has evolved in meaning to include expeditions to sightsee or hunt wild animals. We at Zambia African Safari will assist you find an African safari vacation of your choice.

These are destinations that are enticing, unspoiled, raw, pulsating wildness. Let that not delude you, there're modern hotels with attention to detail and to your comfort. The safaris include vacations in southern African best hotels and lodges. Don’t miss out on the theme based lodges and hotels. And many are found in Zambia. These hotel and lodges were built with the environment in mind. Hardly are the surroundings disturbed.

African Safari vacations are not the grueling pain one is forced to undertake in order to sort out life problems. But rather, something you plan to do because you intend to enjoy doing it. Something you do to explore the world for your pleasure in your leisure.

Our daily routines combined with honest hard work can kick us in. The result is you feel tired, exhausted. You need to steam off! To recharge! And the solution is African safari vacations.

The Benefits

What do you benefit from an African safari vacation? A lot! For starters; nothing beats leisure, relaxation and pleasure to rejuvenate you. Take on a safari tour, an adventure travel , and learn new worlds. You will achieve real relaxation. In short the benefits are many but suffice to state that the major ones can be summarized thus:

  1. A good and balanced state of mind.

  2. A healthy good feeling.

  3. A new zest for more work and effective work at that.

  4. A relaxed mind will achieve wonders.

  5. Imagine yourself enjoying more trees and bushes than concrete, pavements and cars coughing off smoke. A a a gh!

Just picture for your self a clean environment with clean fresh air. Think about what your lungs will thank you for. Allowing them to take in a lung full of “vegetation fresh” clean air, just like Mother Nature intended it to be. Don’t vacillate and you will never miss that ‘train’, the African safari vacation. As always, it is necessary that you prepare for any visit, more especially one like this one that will bring you so much joy and excitement and good health too.

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