African Safaris Promote
Conservation & Tourism

African safaris promote conservation and tourism. To do this we have adopted sustainable conservation of the wildlife and the environment. This means making working partnerships with the Zambia National Tourist Board (ZNTB) on one hand and the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)on the other. But, however, like a juggler, our company is handling African safaris as a committed and a compatible partner with both the Tourism Associations in Zambia and the tour and safari operators . Phew! That looks confusing or something! But hard as it may look, it’s easy. All organizations involved compliment each other, albeit sometimes a little at variance? But that’s life! Now think about this.

You are traveling on your favorite highway to your favorite place, a place that gives immense pleasure, a good feeling. And you are expecting it. You are familiar with what you see on the sides and you are generally feeling good. Then blink! Voila! You can’t recognize what surrounds you. Nothing is any longer a pleasure for you. And what is more, you know what has gone wrong, so suddenly. The abuse of the environment has taken its toll. But, fortunately, and the good thing is that you can prevent this happening in real life. The African safaris aim at conservation can work.

And why? The environment supports life on earth. The conservation of the environment is a must do! The pleasures we find in living and life itself can be preserved for the future and for posterity, for our children and the future generations. Then we can enjoy the surroundings and the adventure holidays.

Today we enjoy what we still hold dear and protected. The environment and the wildlife! A large concentration of wildlife and attractive landscapes in our environment can still remain unspoiled and, of course, beautiful! Then we will be able to take expeditions, voyages, explorations and sightseeing. In short we can have African safaris of our choice.

Here is an example of the conservation efforts being done today .

See the conservation efforts in Africa at African Conservation Foundation . If you would like to help please click here to contact them by email

We can continue to enjoy the environment forever and benefit from the ecotourism! It is within our power to invoke interest on conservation. We can take action today and save the environment and the wildlife. And that is our ecosystem!

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Zambia African Safari believes that the conservation of the wildlife and the environment should be the sustainable exploitation of Zambia’s tourism .

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