Ecotourism and the Environment

Zambia’s ecotourism is poised to soar! Because she is the prime destination of choice. Being as large as Texas in the USA but with a population density of less than 15 people per square kilometer Zambia has land space in abundance, wildlife in abundance, water and water falls in abundance, friendliness in abundance, the warm African welcome in abundance … simply a nation of “abundance, friendly & warm African welcome.” This is Zambia’s unique ecosystem and the African safari advantage.

Zambia’s ecotourism is the land of the legendary African walking safari, earth's biggest waterfall, the wild Zambezi River, breath-taking lakes and wetlands, a profusion of birds, abundant wildlife, and raw, pulsating wilderness, ......all in one friendly country.

It is acknowledged as one of the safest countries in Africa to visit. The Zambian people live in peace and harmony despite their 73 ethnic groups. It is a unity in diversity!

The wildlife is superb and some of the finest safaris on offer are available from the fine lodges and safari companies. Zambia is blessed with 7 waterfalls including the mighty and spectacular Victoria Falls. On offer in Zambia are holidays filled with adventure and scenic beauty. Ecotourism at its very best.

There is a wide range of hi-adrenaline activities from the legendary walking Safari deep in the wilderness to world class river rafting, bungi jumping, abseiling, canoeing safaris, river surfing, excellent tiger fishing and breathtaking African sunsets.

In it’s continued activity the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ) has compiled the following statistics:

  1. 5,500 species of plants,

  2. Over 1,400 species of vertebrates,

  3. 741 species of birds with over 400 recorded at Lochinvar Bird Sanctuary alone,

  4. 200 species of mammals.

  5. And of the total Zambia’s land 6 percent is wetlands and water bodies with the Bangweulu Swamps ranking 10th largest in Africa. This exercise is ongoing.

Would you like to join in and help? Please click The African Conservation Foundation to contact them by e-mail.

For the local effort click here to check the conservation being done today.

Zambia’s avifauna is the Central African Plateau. Being in the tropics the weather is fine nearly every month of the year, …and that's how the phrase “Zambia in the sun”! was coined.

Zambia’s ecotourism can be expressed in the many high action adrenaline thrills and off-the-beaten track adventures: rafting, kayaking, canoeing trails, 4x4 routes. Houseboating, horseback trails, scuba diving, bungi jumping, microlighting and some of Africa's best fishing spots. This is an example of the ecosystem supporting ecotourism! A powerful combination of a working marriage!

Ecotourism is the basis of Zambian Tourism which makes Zambia rank as the new fascination in tourist destinations.

See others who are already busy at it, the conservation of the ecosystem!

To participate in ecotourism there is need to prepare. And where a better place to go but to click here and taking a casual look at this prep store.

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