Honeymoon, The Natural Follow Up To a Wedding

She screamed honeymoon!, and again she screamed! But a wedding comes first thought the future bridegroom. And what is more. Where on earth does he get the huge sum to do both? His mind would have been in whirl, in two thoughts really.

First to calm down the bride and then to find the money. No, rather the other way round! Money first and then to calm down the bride. Luckly our young man did not have money problems. He had prepared well!

So as it should be a honeymoon conjured excitement and pleasure in his heart. That is what the newly wedded couple always look forward to.

Preparing to get married can be both worrying and exciting. Worrying because it requires a lot of work; clothes, guest list, food and a place for the function. Exciting because it is a once in a lifetime pleasure, and worry too. That is the beginning and the end is a honeymoon. The question is. Where to then?

To a place of tranquil, peace and, of course, some exciting time. A place that suits the anticlimax of a wedding.

Luckily a place like that, a place of serenity and harmony exists. Only in Africa because it is the extreme opposite of the high paced, tense and high-pressure life of the developed world. You live life at a slower pace, just like Mother Nature wants you to live. And this can help you learn, explore and enjoy your new partner on your honeymoon. Get away from it all, at least for just now.

Particularly so suitable is Zambia’s warmest of the warm African welcome, the diversity in ethnic groupings, the vastness of the wilderness expanse, the exquisite sunsets, the teeming wildlife…all in one friendly country.

All over suddenly, life grinds to a near halt. Everything is moving slowly. You come close to nature. You feel and notice that life is much more wonderful in slow motion. It is a honeymoon paradise!

The people are friendly. For your directions out in the street ask anyone and they will show you the way. You don’t need a policeman for that. At least not in Zambia’s Africa.

And for accommodation? There is the Sun International Resort, a combination of two brandy new hotels (opened 2001) with two different themes. They are snuggled just next to the mighty Victoria Falls . This ”hotel combo” will fit two extreme pockets, the free spender and the not so free spender.

Locally the Victoria Falls is known as the “Musi-oa-Tunya” meaning the “smoke that thunders”. It is the largest curtain of falling water. When at the height of the rainy season, there is nearly 2,000 meters stretch of water plunging 111 meters into the gorge. Hence the thunder and the water spread that is seen 30 km.

There are other alternative places to stay in. These are theme designed hotels and lodges along the mighty Zambezi River. There are also safari camps and here you live next to nature. What is more the Songwe Point is unique. The design theme is based on a tribal village where you meet face to face with second to none hospitality of the local people. The Songwe Point has captured the market even of the “top-drawer” tourist.

Zambia’s comparative advantage as a honeymoon destination is its friendly people. And do remember this, many a discerning tourist has found this as the fast growing tourist destination of choice. Tourist numbers are still growing. Be astute, sneak in before it gets crowded. You will avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded places.

I give you Zambia, the honeymoon paradise! Book your hotel lodgings from the comfort of your own home.

Make your travel arrangements smooth and enticing. Book through the car rental and safari tour comapnies and your visit to Zambia will forever remain an enticing safari on honeymoon.

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