The Luxury Royal Livingstone
Luxury at Victoria Falls

Get back in time but not too far back…. and its time for the luxury Royal Livingstone!

It’s May 4 and the year is 2001. Sun International opens its latest hotel resort comprising the Royal Livingstone and the Zambezi Sun. It’s a "combo of two hotels." The Zambezi Sun is a three star hotel only minutes from the Victoria Falls while the Royal Livingstone is a five star luxury hotel on the banks of the Zambezi River above the falls. These are the closest hotels to the Victoria Falls – literally a walking distance! Their designs depict different themes.

For both the town and the hotel the name Livingstone is in honour of the famous Scottish missionary doctor and explorer of all times Dr David Livingstone.

Elegance and Romance

The design for the luxury Royal Livingstone exhibits the romance and elegance of the bygone era. Every detail in this five-star hotel was crafted to reflect opulence and graciousness. The luxury Royal Livingstone is a sophisticated blend of antique and ethnic décor, with superb cuisine and warm, personalized services.

All rooms have satellite television, a mini bar, a safe, generous shower and bath. A butler is on hand from morning at 06:00 until evening at 23:00. All the time at your beck and call to arrange room service, laundry or even call a golf cat to take you around the resort etc, etc.

Each room offers a magnificent view of the River Zambezi. From your room either upstairs or indeed downstairs, the edge of the falls is clear. What’s more you can see the mist of the falls. At night the ever-present low booming noise of the "smoke that thunders" will soothe you to sleep. A dreamless sleep devoid of all nightmares! And you awaken fresh in the morning ready to go again on your Zambia safari.

Being in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park and without a surrounding fence hippos roam freely. In the dead of the night if you see a mighty shadow mowing the lawn don’t be alarmed. And guards are on hand to ensure the safety of the guests.

If you feel more romantic you may decide to have dinner and watch the exquisite sunsets on the African Queen riverboat on the Zambezi. Stargazing at the river is popular and a exciting pastime.

In the late afternoon it’s time you might wish to spend on the mighty Zambezi River. Watch the sunsets which are as exquisite as only Africa can reveal. There are various cruises to choose from. Some look like the boats used on the Zambezi when Dr Livingstone ‘discovered’ the Victoria Falls. While drinking ‘something cool’ during dinner on the African Queen riverboat you may wish to listen to the sound of classical guitar playing in the background.

The Fun at Victoria Falls

If you feel carefree and brave take a walk down to the Knife Edge Bridge. This is a footbridge designed to get visitors close to the falls. At this point the falls is unruly torrent 1,701 metres wide plunging the “greatest curtain falling of water” through 111 metres. The ever present mist creates a ‘rain forest’ on the opposite cliff to the falls. You get completely soaked unless you choose to borrow the raincoats on offer, at a small fee of course. It rains continuously throughout the year, just on this one spot!

If you like the adrenaline-pumping stuff the Boiling Point is a great sight. A path will lead you down the slope to bottom of the Batoka Gorge. Enjoy the sight! You will probably feel ready to take in the stride the bungi jump. While nicely and safely secured to an elastic rope you jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge, soar a little like an eagle in its flight and suddenly drop like a stone. To date at more than 50,000 jumps no accident has occurred. Its pretty safe you know. At 111 metres the bunji jump is considered the second highest in the world.

Soar in Flight Like Angels

If you feel tired with the ground view of the falls take to the air. There are helicopters and fixed winged planes for hire. For the daredevil spirit, a micro light aircraft offers visitors spectacular views of the Victoria Falls . The micro light is a real small compact flying machine, open with its intricate maneuvers and the wind in your face. Just imagine the exhilarating feeling. You’ll be able to get very close to "the greatest curtain of falling water." Also known as "Mosi-Oa-Tunya."

MicroLight Plane for a Great Bird's Eye View

From the air the sight is unbelievable. You will be able to look down on the slow moving wide Zambezi, the torrent of the falls and the fast ‘whirlpool’ in the gorges as the river flows along the zig-zagging gorges below.

As you fly over the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park you’ll spot herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras and even an odd crocodile. The beauty of the riverine up stream of the Zambezi is enough to blow your mind away like it did Dr Livingstone. With great imagination and he didn’t even fly, he was able to describe the awesome and scenic beauty, as "…scenes so beautiful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight."

That’s the luxury at Royal Livingstone at the Victoria Falls. Contact your car rental in Zambia to visit other luxurious hotels .

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