Risk Management For Ecotourism In Zambia

Conservation Lower Zambezi... What are we on about here? The risk management for ecotourism. It's a voluntary organisation and a friend of both animal lovers and environmentalist. Why? Because nobody would like their world to change. At least not from what we are used to.

In Zambia volunteers have come together and formed the best of all organizations. It’s called Conservation Lower Zambezi, CLZ in short. A smart name and to the point, isn’t it?

Mr. Ian Stevenson is the Operations Manager for CLZ. They do great work. I am in love with this company. Well, I mean in love with the most valuable work they do. They protect for us the wildlife and the their habitat in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The founders of CLZ are safari operators. And they’re the right guys too! Others are local stakeholders who work proactively and effectively in conservation. Who would understand better the intricacies of sustainable wildlife consumption? Hey I don’t mean eating the animals but rather enjoying their presence. All of us living altogether happily with the environment.

CLZ is one of the most successful volunteer-based conservation organizations in Southern Africa. It uses risk management for ecotourism by being proactive in their actions. The Zambian government is crazy about them too. The result? The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has granted them tax exemptions on donations they receive in line with their good work.

Do you know where CLZ are located? Right there on the banks of the Lower Zambezi River but on the eastern side of Chiawa Game Management Area. They are only a fifteen minute-drive from their airstrip (an airport for small planes, you know). The hanger for the CLZ’s aircraft is at the airstrip.

CLZ are a busy lot. They run environmental education and safari guides training in the Lower Zambezi. They also train young people to appreciate the importance of conserving wildlife. CLZ has formed a private-public sector partnership in protecting game management areas. And this is where risk management for ecotourism is exemplified.

Thanks to the Danish government for their financial support. Others in support of CLZ are Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), Game Management Area (GMA) and conservationists as well as other stakeholders in safaris and tourism.

CLZ is working with ZAWA to protect wildlife and they devote a huge amount of time and resources to remove snares from the necks and legs of wild animals. The poachers lay the snares to catch wild animals. They’re bad guys who profit from killing and selling wild animals.

Sometimes animals up root the snares and move about with them around their necks. So CLZ go out to capture these unlucky animals. They shoot darts at them to immobilise the animals and then remove the snares. The animals are saved! …And that is the epitome of risk management for ecotourism!

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