Discover Your Safari Holidays in a Natural Paradise

Here is to your warm African safari holidays in friendly Zambia.

You may have already decided your safari holiday but as always Africa is homely…and safari holidays in Zambian will enhance it. Enable you to capture the rhythm of unparalleled options in safari holiday only found here.

Take a moment and imagine this! You walk into your own living room and grab a seat to relax. After all you have put in an honest day’s work. Alas, but what do you feel ..... kind of uncomfortable! Home is no longer sweet home, or at least, not like it used to be. And why?

You realise that you have had no break in a long, long time! As the French say, Voila! And you have the solution. You need a break! Perhaps an African safari... a holiday away from home. In your mind's eye you see the WORDS, the words you recently saw.

Abundant wildlife, raw,
pulsating wilderness,
stunning scenery and
a rich cultural heritage
...all in one friendly country!!
Discover Your Safari!
Simply a country of
"abundance, friendly and
warm African welcome".
Your Safari Holidays invites you!!

In Zambia you’ll enjoy a warm holiday and the travelling expanse of the African wilderness. You bet, that idea alone makes you feel relaxing already. That’s why the country is sometimes called ‘Zambia...the Real Africa.’

And what about the lodging accommodations? Their architectural designs based on varying African themes: thatched roofs to roundavels and chalets in pristine surroundings among wild game and birds. The hotel and lodges are unlike your local hotels you’re used to. And that is a bonus!

So when in Zambia you’re home away from home, where nature and life slows down to let your natural rhythm refresh you. You can do this just by watching, by feeling or even by being part of it.

You'll find your safari holidays enjoyable and worthwhile.

That is what Zambia - the land of glorious sunsets, ancient traditions and mystic legends, of nature at its wildest and most exquisite will do for you! And in addition… feel the people’s warm welcome in '73 dialects'…all in one friendly country!

Plan your next safari holidays to Zambia. You won’t regret it!

However, If Zambia does not quite meet your expectations, not to worry. I am sure our women folk will advise. Take a look at the International Woman Magazine - Connecting Women Around the World!

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