A Serene Safari Town and a New Destination for Safari Holidays

Lake Kariba is one of Africa’s largest man-made lakes. On its shore lie the new safari town of Siavonga. There are tortuous yet beautiful winding roads along the lakeshore. This in part contributes to the beauty. Lake Kariba extends upstream through Kariba Gorge, from which the lake is named, for 280 kilometres and extends up to 40 kilometres at its widest point.

The lake was formed behind the Kariba Dam built across the Zambezi River between 1955 –59. This ambitious project was built to supply electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe two countries separated by the Zambezi. However, another good thing came out of the project.

Both sides of Lake Kariba teem with wildlife. Private safari islands and game reserves dot along the shoreline. These form one of the world’s most heavily concentrated wildlife zones. And so are the beautiful lodges and safari camps. They are built close to the water’s edges or next to sandy beaches. Believe it, they’re quite a few sandy beaches on this inland sea.

Apart from providing the region with ample supplies of hydroelectricity this great waterway now acts as a pleasure and vacation area. There is plenty of fishing, water skiing, and many other water spots and aquatic pastimes.

And what about wildlife? The lakeshore boasts of huge herds of elephants, buffalo, and a host of other smaller game that live at the water’s edge. The waters of the lake support more than forty different species of fish and of course, …the ubiquitous crocodiles and hippos.

How To Get to Kariba

It’s only two and half-hour drive from Lusaka through Kafue town. After crossing the Kafue River drive straight without turning right onto Chirundu Road. This is the shortest route to Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city. About 70 kilometres after Kafue River take a right turn. It’s an all weather asphalt road. It’s good and recently resurfaced. Enjoy your drive and the scenery for another 60 kilometers or so.

The road cuts the escarpment because Siavonga at Lake Kariba is in the southern most part of the East African Rift Valley. There are spectacular mountains and curves along the road. As you drive along suddenly you’re on top of the Kariba Dam… and just before that turn to the right again. That’s what you want.

Siavonga, a safari town on the lakeshore, is right around the corner. An adventure travel you will never want to miss out on.

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