Other Waterfalls in Zambia;
A Unique Safari!

Zambia is truly a bag of nature’s secrets. For instance, the mighty Victoria Falls is not the only waterfalls in Zambia. In fact not less than twenty other waterfalls are found on Zambian Rivers. It’s a no wonder that the country is considered to have the largest water resources in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. The water resources cover a total1 of 11,890 sq km.

Zambia as "Africa’s best kept secret" is not just a maxim. The following ten are the major waterfalls in Zambia. Each has its own individuality and unique attraction…

Kalambo Falls

The waterfalls is 33 kilometres from Mbala on the Kalambo River but eight kilometers from the estuary at Lake Tanganyika. Kalambo River at this point forms the boundary between Tanzania and Zambia. Kalambo Falls is a spectacular jet of water falling in a single uninterrupted stream 221 m down into the gorge below. It’s the second highest falls in Africa.

The river falls into a deep rocky gorge and winds it’s way into Lake Tanganyika. In the vertical rocky walls and in the vicinity of the ledges is one of the rare nesting places of the marabou stork.

There are other waterfalls in the gorge and in places the river flows through a secondary gorge only 3m wide with vertical rocky walls over 30 metres in height. Dr J Desmond Clark Zambia’s longest serving and renowned anthropologist excavated around this site. He couldn’t resist saying, "one of the unforgettable sights in Africa…a single perfect example of the beauty that is to be found in falling water, in a setting of unsurpassed grandeur."

Lumangwe Falls

These falls are on Kalungwishi River on the Kawambwa-Mpolokoso Road (85km from Mporokosho) is a grandeur thirty metre-height and one hundred metres wide. There is a pleasant sandy beach below the falls. Lumangwe Falls is a miniature Victoria Falls: the smoke, the thunder, and the rain nourishing a small rain forest. It looks like a small Victoria Falls. These falls are quite magnificent by any standard. They’re a marvel in waterfalls in Zambia.

Down stream of the Kalungwishi River and about 5 kilometres is yet another waterfalls. It is called Kabweluma Falls sometimes referred to as Kundabwika. The river flows through a dambo (flat river plain) then drops in a steeply sloping gorge containing two small waterfalls. The main waterfall is twenty-five meters high and in the flood season it measures seventy meters wide. Below the falls there is a thickly wooded gorge and some schematic rock paintings nearby.

Kabweluma Falls exhibits such great beauty. In August 2004 while on a visit the World Bank Country Representative in Zambia Dr Nyanin was forced to remark, "My God, my God, why have we hidden this your wonderful creation from the world?" The access is in pristine wilderness. Dr Nyanin’s team had to cut their way through and this drew out the following exclamation from him, "access awful, beauty awesome." Lumangwe is 95kms from Mporokoso on the road to Kasama, the capital of the Northern Province.

Ngonye Falls

The location is on the Upper Zambezi River in western Province. The waterfall is found near the Sioma Village on the Zambezi River bank. Although not very high, the volume of water thundering over the rocks is second only to the Victoria Falls. The full magnitude of these spectacular falls can be seen from Sioma Village.

Nyambwezu Falls

The water cataract is on Nyambwezu River in the Northwestern Province. The waterfall has a 20-metre height. Nearby there is a rock shelter with Late Stone Age excavations and rock paintings. The falls is found on the Solwezi-Mwinilunga road about 204km west of Solwezi.

Ntumbachushi Falls

The Ng’ona River breaks into a series of water pools and rapids that culminat in the main falls about 30m high. Smaller waterfalls are found up stream of the river. The Ntumbachushi Falls are found between Kazembe and Kawambwa in the Luapula Province.

This very picturesque waterfall was believed to be a sanctuary of spirits. Chiefs are bathed in its water before they are installed on the throne. This was a way to cleanse them of bad luck and misfortune.

Kundalila Falls

This cataract is in Central Province of Zambia near Serenge town at Kanono. The falls is on Kaombe River where the water drops 65m breaking into many veils of water spays.

The surrounding area is a spectacular scenic beauty. Visitors may swim in the deep natural pool at the foot of the falls and there is a camping site nearby.

Chipoma Falls

The Chimanabwe River flows through attractive series of rapids and cascades over a distance of 500 metres. The total drop is about forty metres but no individual falls is more than five metres. These falls are near Chinsali near Old Leopard on the Great North Road

Chishimba Falls

There are three successive falls with the upper one named Mutumuna Falls followed by Kevala and the Chishimba Falls. A thick rain forest is present on the top and the slopes of Chishimba Falls George. The mist from the falling water nourishes a rain forest on its western bank. These falls are on the Kasama-Mporokoso Road. The waterfalls host a hydro-electricity power station. The builders were very considerate. They didn’t disturb the original natural beauty.

Then there is the ultimate, the mighty Victoria Falls on the serene but wild Zambezi River that mark the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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